Fjordling boat switch panel

€ 220,00

What is egalisation? We explain it here:

The one and only switch panel for your Fjordling.

Upgrade the interior of your boat with this unique, custom made switch panel. Forget the standard, mass-produced switch panels from china. If you have a Fjordling, this is the switch panel you need!

With our switch panels, you do no longer need stickers to label your switches. For this panel we use our marinegrade UniMatte and HiGloss material, which we can engrave from the rear, making sure the front surface stays nice and smooth and making the engravings transparant! The razor-sharp, reverso engravings will give mind-blowing result that will make your friends jealous!

Height: 80mm
Width: 149.5mm
Thickness: 3mm
Material finish: UniMatte or HiGloss
Mounting: 6 screws 

Buttons: 4
Button Material: SS silver or SS black
Button type: 3x latching 1x momentary OR 4x latching
Labels: Custom (let us know in the selection area)
Logo: Fjordling
Button color: Blue - Red - Green
Max amp: 10A
Voltage: 12V / 24V
Backgroundlighting: Optional


Installing the panel is easy! It is not different to installing any other switch panel. Download the cutting template below and get to it! 
If you have any questions, contact us and we will guide you trough the installation process!